Blistering brights, deep jewel tones, delicately soft tonals, and an extensive range of greys, dyer Nina Davies crafts rainbows of colour for maximum delight!

Rainbow Heirloom is a one-woman operation, which combines my passion for creativity and exploration with a love of brilliantly vivid colours and gorgeous yarns. I'm currently based in Edinburgh, which is where I began dipping my hands into the dye pots with business founder Emily Wessel (of Tin Can Knits). In 2016, I took over as the owner of Rainbow Heirloom and have since devoted myself to it full-time. My colours are an extension of my own personality and style; they're what I love to dye, knit with, and wear. I hope you'll be similarly inspired by what you see here, and look forward to many more beautiful rainbows in the future!  

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